What the Bible Teaches


Adapted from the book by R.A. Torrey

What the Bible Teaches About:


010.   God As Spirit

020.   The Unity of God

030.   The Eternity of God

035.   Some Philosophical Concepts of Divinity

040.   The Omnipresence of God

050.   The Personality of God

060.   The Omnipotence of God

070.   The Omniscience of God

080.   The Holiness of God

090. The Love of God

100. The Righteousness, or Justice, of God

110. The Mercy, or Loving Kindness, of God

120. The Faithfulness of God

What the Bible Teaches About:


130. The Divinity of Jesus

134. The Divinity of Jesus - Part 2

140. The Subordination of the Son to the Father

150. The Human Nature of Jesus Christ

The Character of Jesus Christ

160. Holiness

162. Love

164. Compassion

166. Prayer Life

168. Meekness and Humility

170. The Death of Jesus Christ

174. The Results of Christ's Death

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

180. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

      The Importance of the Resurrection

184. The Manner of the Resurrection

      The Results of the Resurrection

190. The Ascension or Exaltation of Jesus Christ

The Return of Jesus Christ

200. Fact, Importance and Manner

202. The Purposes and Results of Jesus' Return

204. The Effect of Jesus' Return on Nations and the Unsaved

205. The Marriage of Jesus

What the Bible Teaches About:


210. The Personhood of the Holy Spirit

220. The Diety of the Holy Spirit

230. The Holy Spirit Distinguished from the Father and the Son

240. The Subordination of the Holy Spirit to the Father and the Son

250. The Names of the Holy Spirit

260. The Work of the Holy Spirit

270. Baptism With the Holy Spirit

280. The Work of the Holy Spirit in Prophets and Apostles

290. The Work of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ

295. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit 

What the Bible Teaches About:


300. Man's Original Condition

310. The Fall of Man

320. The Standing Before God of Those Outside Jesus' Redemption  *

330. The Destiny of Those Who Reject Redemption Through Jesus   *

340. Justification

350. The New Birth

360. God's Adoption of Believers

370. The Sanctification of Believers

380. Repentance

390. Faith

394. Faith - Part 2

400. Love to God

410. Love to Christ

420. Love to Man


430. Who Can Pray So God Will Hear?

      To Whom Should We Pray?

434. For Whom Should We Pray?

      When Should We Pray?

436. What to Pray For

438. How to Pray

440. Thanksgiving

450. Worship

460. The Believer's Assurance of Salvation

470. The Destiny of Believers

What the Bible Teaches About:


480. God's Angels

490. The Work of Angels

What the Bible Teaches About:


500. The Devil

510. Satan - The Prince and King of Tyre

520. The Abode and Work of Satan

530. Our Duty Regarding the Devil

540. The Devil's Final Destiny